Personal Trainer Sten Schulze aus Potsdam - bester Personal Trainer der Stadt



Athlet, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer

Every human is different and I am one of those, who love sports since their childhood.
I am sure, this won’t change anymore.
In my life, I was able to experience very often the advantages of a fit, healthy and attractive body. I know, how to get such a body and because I like to share my knowledge, it soon became a need for me to enthuse other people for the same.
Of course, this is only possible, if they are ready to get enthused. When you train with me, you will feel my passion and hopefully I will inspire you with my passion and enthuse you, too.


When I was in 5th grade, my favorite teacher, whom I worship a lot today, said: “Sten, become a teacher!”.
After some detours, I actually became a teacher. I can feel more and more today, how good she know me and how she was right. Thanks Mrs. Wüstenhagen.

What you think you become.
What you feel you attract.
What you imagine you create. – Buddha

Personal Training for Potsdam with Sten Schulze


  • Teacher for Fitness, Health and Sports Rehabilitation

  • Trainer A-License

  • Trainer B-License

  • Certified Functional Trainer L1
    (Perform Better) 

  • Functional Movement Screen Certification L1
    (Education: Perform Better / Certification: Functional Movement Systems, Inc.)

  • Certified Olympic Lifting Trainer
    (Perform Better)

  • CrossFit Trainer L1
    (CrossFit Inc.)

  • Nutrition Coach

  • Trainer für Cardio Fitness

  • Trainer für Gymnastic

  • SpinRacing Instructor

Sports Career

  • from 6 to 11 Wrestling
    (several national Titles, among others DDR Champion)

  • from 11 to 15 Cycle Sport
    (several national Titles and KJS Squad)

  • from 15 to 34 Bodybuilding (NAC Athletic Class)
    (int. East German champions, several Participation in the int. German Championships and Mr. Universe)

  • from 34 until today  CrossFit respectively Functional Training

  • other Sports: Karate and Wing Tsun

School Education

  • High School
    (Alberst Einstein School Potsdam)

  • Dipl. Business Administration (FH)
    (Technical College Wildau)

Professional Biography

  • 6 Years Trainer for the Relax Fitness Club Luckenwalde

  • 10 Years Training- and Nutrition Expert with

  • Since 2010 independent Personal Trainer