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Mandy Groth vorher nachher Story Sten Schulze Personal Training Potsdam

Mandy G. from Brück, entrpreneur
to: her before/after story

Body Forming

It is our goal, to improve the physical appearance of your body as fast as possible. This happens, of course, in a healthy way.
To me, it is important, that you can maintain the success permanently. To achieve this, there are usually some changes in your life style neccessary.
If you stick to our developed plan, incredible changes are possible.


Muscle building, fat reduction, all togehter – everything you want: We are forming your body to your wishes.

At one glance:

  • Fast optical modification

  • professional instruction

  • fast fat reduction

  • fast and focused muscle development

  • no “trying” – it works!

Personal Trainer: Mobil: 0172-3221813 * Phone: 0331-24364157 * Email: [email protected]

Personal Trainer Sten Schulze mit Klient am Sportplatz Begrüßung

Appropriate training for all age groups

The body’s condition is different in each age. Children need different exercises and active loads than adults.


Some examples:
Children should have reached as much movement competence as possible until the age of 14. After this age, it gets harder and harder to learn the basics.
With increasing age, it is important to maintain, perspectively to form physical skills, strength and muscle mass.


The training sessions are structured all the same way, except that the single elements of the training are differently emphazised, according to the age. The mobility training is some minutes longer for older athletes than for children. The weight training with heavy weights is of no importance for children, while it is much more important for adults.


There are many more differences between the age groups in the field of training design.


In case of any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

At one glance

  • rapid progress

  • training concept according to age group

  • training without injury risks

  • absolutely individual personal training

  • a lot of fun despite high intensity

  • modern training methods

  • clear principles and training philosophy

Personal Trainer: Mobil: 0172-3221813 * Phone: 0331-24364157 * Email: [email protected]

Sten und Mike TRX Personal Training

f. l. Mike and me

Back Special

Often, problems with your back are the result of a non-physiological daily routine. They are caused by weak muscles, dysfunctions and dysbalances.


At the age of 28 years, I suffered from a severe slipped disc, probably because of a too heavy and incorrect training.
Luckily, I was able to go back to training within a short period of time, again, because of my very good rehabilitation program, which I developed myself. Thanks to my own experiences, I became an expert for back training.


In the course of the years, I developed effective exercises and training routines, with which most of the common back problems can be improved or even eliminated.

At one glance

  • improved control of the spine

  • pain reduction, especially in the lumbar spine

  • improved functional strength of the whole body

  • less time needed, to get started

  • improved daily routine

  • training in my own Personal Training Studio available

Personal Trainer: Mobil: 0172-3221813 * Phone: 0331-24364157 * Email: [email protected]

Sten Schulze Personal Training Schwangerschaft Rückbildung


Pregnancy and giving birth are huge burdens for the body. The incredible deformation gets started, in order to make space for the child and to make the birth possible. The tissue gets soft, in order to be malleable for all the upcoming processes.


The rebuilding after the birth is again a feat for the female body.


I can help you to speed up and optimise the rebuilding. Maybe you will even get into a better shape than before your pregancy, with my program.

At one glance

  • accelerated rebuilding

  • maybe even better shape than before the pregancy

  • experience with pregnancy, birth and rebuilding

Personal Trainer: Mobil: 0172-3221813 * Phone: 0331-24364157 * Email: [email protected]

Neo mein Hund und Freund Personal Training Potsdam

Labrador Neo, friend and training partner

Workout with a dog

Connect the walkies with your dog with training for you. Make more out of it, then just a walk!
If you like, we could go together on your usual round and have a look, which possibilities are there for exercises and training. Then, I will prepare a training routine, which we complete together with the dog/s.


Outdoor training is very effective. The fresh air has an influence on  many positive processes in the body – dog and human have more fun together and even look better.


I myself have a blonde Labrador, which has to go for a walk at least three times a day. If you like and if your dog likes companionship, I can bring him along.

Maybe you don’t have a dog, but you like to train with one: Neo and me are at your disposal.

At one glance

  • optimal time management

  • being outdoors

  • effective fat reduction

  • a lot of fun

Personal Trainer: Mobil: 0172-3221813 * Phone: 0331-24364157 * Email: [email protected]

Betty Taube at workout in my Box

Jana Heinisch bei Sten Schulze Personal Training in Potsdam

Jana Heinisch

Actors & Models

Sometimes, there is not much time, to get in shape.
The next film shooting or model job is just around the corner and the physical fitness is less than desired.


Or maybe the job even requires a special body shape, for instance six pack abs.
This is, where I come into play. I know how to change the physical appearance in no time.


I am glad to be at your disposal with my experience.

At one glance

  • fast, visible results

  • professional approach

  • absolute discretion

  • undisturbed training in my box

Personal Trainer: Mobil: 0172-3221813 * Phone: 0331-24364157 * Email: [email protected]

Betty und Jolina Partner Freunde Personal Training

Betty Taube and Jolina Fust

Partner & Friends

Personal training together with your partner or somebody else, with whom you like to train together.


It is more fun to reach your goals together and is very effective indeed – under the precondition that your goals are more or less similar.


Another advantage is that you can share the costs.

At one glance

Personal Trainer: Mobil: 0172-3221813 * Phone: 0331-24364157 * Email: [email protected]

Sten Schulze Personal Training und Teaching…

  • ist professional

    Thanks to my educational background and my experience, I am able to offer you a professional personal training and coaching.

  • is goal-oriented

    Each training is structured in a way, which brings you closer to your goal. Therby, your actional state is the basis. This approach makes your training efficient.

  • is effective

    The energy, which you use will be directed in the right direction thanks to my training system. This way, you receive the maximum effect, which means: You will reach your goal.

  • is efficient

    Thanks to my intensive assistance and the strict training plan you will reach your goal in a very short time and with less effort – compared to other methods

  • is intensive

    It is no secret I am telling you: You have to fight for every success and of course, it is demanding.
    But the benefit is, you can be sure, your efforts will be rewarded and lead you directly to your goal.

  • is healthy

    You can never exclude injuries completely, but during my training, safety comes first. An accurate technique on all levels is very important to me. You will reach your goal safe and sound.

  • is fun

    Despite the neccessary intensity, you will have fun during your training.
    It is the best fun ever, to get better step by step.


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