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Classic Olympic Lifting was a niche sport for a long time. Few people were engaged in this kind of sport and few people were interested in it.
Thanks to CrossFit this has changed radically; the interest in lifting is probably as large as never before!


The techniques of snatch and clean & jerk are very complex motion sequences. In order to control them perfectly, you have to practice for years.


The disciplines of the olympic duel require maximum strength, rapid strength, speed, strength endurance, coordination skills, flexibility and supports the robustness.


In order to master the complete range of motion of one of the techniques, you have to be very mobile in your feet, hips, spine and shoulder girdle. Alone the practicing under professional instruction improves many of the named skills rapidly.


In every age it is possible, to learn the techniques of lifting. It is not only possible, but in my opinion advisable. The weight of the dumbbell plays a main role, important is a very precise technique.
If you master the precise techniques, you will get a healthy muskuloskeletal system. The hips stay mobile and strong, the movement competence is very high, the different types of strength improve and remain longer.


I do integrate elements of lifting into my Personal Training. Although the complete range of movement is not always possible, the main preparatory exercises are part of the training.


Of course, a good result of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a precondition to completely learn the two techniques. Without the corresponding physical conditions it is not advisable to start with the training.


If you like to improve your physical condition in a healthy and effective way, you have to be well prepared and start with the training step by step in order to make your body more efficient and more attractive.

Sten Schulze Personal Trainer Potsdam Gewichtheben

Certified Olympic Lifting Trainer – Certificate

Personal Trainer Sten Schulze aus Potsdam hat das Zertifikat Certified Olympic Lifting Trainer

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