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Effective training classes in your Company

The practical part of my company coaching consists of training classes resp. special workouts for your employees.


Offer your employees effective training classes. The content of these classes is – if needed – adapted to work-related, physical conditions. Let me give you one example: Are your employees mainly doing sedentary work, then we will go more into detail of this topic with special exercises.


All you need is a room, where a group of maximum 10 people has enough space for exercising.
I will bring the required equipment to the training.

Here you get to know the details of the different classes

At One Glance

  • you are showing interest in your employees

  • you are improving the working atmosphere

  • you are showing foresight

  • long-term success

  • increasing of attractiveness – on  the inside and outside

  • the successful companies worldwide show how it works: “take care of your employees and you will be successful”

Personal Trainer: Mobil: 0172-3221813 * Phone: 0331-24364157 * Email: [email protected]

Physical Fitness as basis for corporate success

A successful business consists of successful employees.


In my seminars I explain, how important a healthy lifestyle is. I talk about things, that can be changed easily and quickly and have an enormous effect on your health.


It is obvious, employees, who have no problem getting up in the morning and are full of energy, deliver better results. I show you, what every single person can do and what you can do in your company, to improve the employees’ fitness.

Personal Trainer: Mobil: 0172-3221813 * Fest: 0331-24364157 * Email: [email protected]

Occupational Health Management

Company Coaching – Fitness for Corporate Success

In a society, that realizes, success – be it on a private or professional basis – is to be found inside yourself, you as an entrepreneur should take this aspect in account, too, in order to be successful in the long term.


The most successful companies of the world show, how it works. Just look at how Google, Facebook, Apple, SAP etc. take care of their employees. There are health days, seminars, chill out rooms, fitness rooms a.s.o. They all already had this, before their world wide success – right from the beginning. This things are essential components of the success.


Happy and fit employees will perform their full potential for the company; the great possibilities for the employees get viral and the company gets attractive for the best brains.


Even, if you are only operating regionally, you will profit on this level as much as the major companies around the world.

Invest in the future of your company by improving the fitness of your employees.


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