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The OutdoorAthleticClub is part of Sten Schulze Personal Training.
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High-Intensity Circuit

Circuit training is an old, but very effective training method. It was rediscovered and further developed some years ago with the creation of Functional Training and is very popular today.
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Beginner Training

Beginner Training is suitable for all, who never have worked out before or not for long. You will learn anew movement patterns, which you’ve „forgotten“ or which have „fallen asleep“. Strength, strength endurance and fitness will appropriately…
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Training solely with your body weight – this is what it is about at OAC „Just Your Body“. Different training methods get into action with which you will learn to control your body, to stabilise it and to develop strength.
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Many companies today run a good operational health management. Group training has proofed itself as very effective. Here, you can influence actively and positively the health of all employees.
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Personal Trainer: Mobil: 0172-3221813 * Phone: 0331-24364157 * Email: [email protected]

Effective Group Workouts

Advantages of training in small groups:

  • increased motivation
  • the group increases the intensity of the training and with this the success of each single participant
  • faster learning of movement sequences
  • Personal Training for each group participant
  • lower costs than at One-on-One Personal Training
  • new friendships and contacts develop – improvement of your social life
  • more fun than at other types of training

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