Personal Training & Coaching at the highest Level

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Personal Training

Sten Schulze Personal Training stands for effective, efficient and individual personal training. I will lead you directly to your physical goals [and subsequently to your mental goals] without losing time.

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Company Fitness

Workshops, seminars, training courses or active lunch breaks, Sten Schulze Personal Training is your partner for healthy and fit employees. Less absence due to illness thanks to healthy employees.

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nutrition consultation

Nutritional consultation on the basis of the latest scientifical research and many years of experience. This is not about cooking recipes, but rather about the common sense of practiable, healthy nutrition.

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Group Training

Group training is a very effective way of training, where quick progress will be made, for instance fat reduction, muscle building and improvement of stamina, with a positive influence on your social life.

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Full-body analysis

The analysis provides the most important and medically precise data of your body composition, the most important information about your movement patterns and informs about your functional strength.

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With the mBCA 525 of the company seca I am able to determine your body composition with almost a hundred percent of precision. For a focused training and the right nutrition…

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Personal Training for all - Potsdam & Berlin

Sten Schulze Personal Training -
Your professional partner in training, nutrition and business health management.

The concept of Sten Schulze Personal Training is based on precise, structured and latest scientifical training principles.
The success of each client will be planned as exact as possible and will be followed step by step.

The initial situation will be determined with a professional check up (body analysis).

To attain the goal, we will use functional training, in other words, guided movements, which are performed on traditional training machines have no meaning at all.

It is my aspiration, to reach your training goal in best time. Sten Schulze Personal Training is your companion into a healthy, fit and strong life.

Modern equipped training box for personal training and group training

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