You want to get fit finally, improve your body, feel well, prepare yourself for a competiton or for whatever else. What you have to invest are time and disciplined, structured physical work.


You have to rearrange your life a bit, to really achieve your physical goals. It costs you something.


The monetary costs, the price for it all, if you decide to work together with me, depend on the intensitiy of our cooperation. The training frequency per week and the overall training duration are the factors.


There are many possibilities, this is why there are many different price calculations per hour. And this is why we have to talk about it.


In the list below you can find several options, according to which the prices vary.


Prices in Euro

95,- / hour (basic price)

95,- / hour (basic price)

120,- / analysis

100,- / test

60,- / BIA

180,- for 10 workouts

Factors, influencing the price:

  • Training frequency

    The price per hour gets less, the more time we agree on to work together.
    The amount of the trainings resp. the consultations per week and the planned time in months, years or decades 😉 play an important role.

  • Training Partner

    Bring your training partner who has the same goals as you do. The price per hour is the same as for one person, like we agreed on, and you can share the costs.
    This is a very effective method to get a high quality trining for a good price. And it doesn’t matter, if men and women train together.

  • Me as your training partner

    If you want to improve your body even faster, you can choose me as your training partner.
    If you do decide for this option, the price per hour rises to 120,- euros.
    I will get into the training with my full body strength and will pull you along, too.