• Physical training 6+
  • Nutrition Consultation
Kinder Jugendliche Daria Kniebeugen Training

f. l. Me and Daria are learning squats


Our children are the least fittest ever.
This is due to several causes: The contemporary nutrition is often inadequate and physical activities, which are appropriate for the children’s age, have become rarer. The consequences are already visible.


With a fitness test appropriate to the age of the child, I can determine the physical condition of your child. A corresponding training plan will be developed after the test results.


My two children are helping me, to find the right training approach.


Please contact me for any specific questions.

At a glance

  • age-appropriate training

  • elimination of deficits

  • development of joy of physical training

  • development of muscles

  • learning of correct movement patterns

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Nutrition Consultation for child and parents

Nutrition is the most important factor, concerning fitness and health.


I know, how difficult it is, to practise a healthy diet with your children. It is unbelievable, how many bad food is consumed every day. This has a lot of consequences, which you can already see, if you have a closer look.


Children can only develop their physical and spiritual potential to the fullest, if they eat healthy. During childhood the foundation for a long and healthy life is built.


We are considering together with your child, what a healthy an adequate diet looks like. Which kind of food should be avoided and what should be eaten more often?
Of course, the counselling should be taken place together with you and your child, as your child doesn’t buy and prepare its food by itself.


I am looking forward to your questions.

At a glance

  • counsciousness development for a healthy diet

  • foundation for fitness and health

  • supports internal balance

  • learning can be improved

  • supports muscle and bone development

Personal Trainer: Mobil: 0172-3221813 * Phone: 0331-24364157 * Email: [email protected]


Children and teens are more and more forgetting how to use their physical skills, because the body reacts after the principle “Use it or loose it”. The less a person uses his skills, like jumping, running or throwing, the more he is forgetting about these patterns.


This is why many children today cannot walk or run physically correct anymore or lift things, jump far, climb a.s.o. They rather train their eye-hand-coordination while playing computer games or using the smartphone.


The age between 8 and 14 years is significant for the development of the muscular system, especially for the development of the supporting muscles of the torso. During these years, the foundation for the physical development is laid, after these years, it will be difficult to compensate deficits.
The physical consequences of a poorly developed muscular system are for instances postural defects, low bone density, large risk of overweight a.s.o. The psychological consequences are imbalance and dissatisfaction, which of course can cause further problems.


If deficits or dysfunctions of a child’s body are found for instance at a class fitness test at school, they cannot be eliminated through school sport only. School sport has become less important these days, the amount of hours per week for sports classes has more and more been reduced in the school schedule. Furthermore, no teacher can focus on only one child during sports classes, which means, the deficits will get more severe throughout the years.

Kinder Jugendliche Daria Training

Daria practices body control