• medically validated Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
  • Measurement results


Exact analysis through irrefutable numbers – basis for effective and efficient training and nutrition methods

In order to make the right decisions regarding training and nutrition, it is necessary to know the most important relevant data of your body. The determination of the initial situation is significant for fast and precise success, this is the only way to develop an effective and efficient concept.


With the mBCA 525 of the company seca I am able to determine the body composition of a person to an exact 100%.


The measurement only takes a few minutes to get the measuring results, broken down to the following parameters:

  • fat mass/fat free mass
  • skeletal muscle mass
  • Body Composition Chart (BCC)
  • body water
  • Bioelectrical Impedance Vector Analysis (BIVA)
  • phase angle
  • visceral fat

In order to determine the body composition as precise as it is possible with the mBCA 525, it usually takes 5 different measurement methods. For example, the most precise measurement of the skeletal muscle mass is only possible with a MRT. This is very expensive and time-consuming. The other 4 gold standard measurement methods are also very complex.
Even if you have the measured data, most people do not have the knowledge, how to derive for instance the phase angle from it.


With the mBCA 525 I am able, to derive 97% exact data regarding the gold standard method and this in an absolute cost-saving manner.


  • For everyone, who like to know about his state of health.
  • For people, who want to maintain a balanced diet,
  • For all kinds of athletes, be it recreational sportsmen or professional athletes.
  • Für everyone, who likes to start with sports and for all recreational sportsmen, who like to know their actual state of health.
  • For people, who have reached a certain level in their development and are stuck.

Get an overview! In a world full of fitness packages and even more diets it is important to keep an eye to reality – is what you do the right way to achieve the success you want?


A measurement with evaluation of the data – of course you get a high-value print of it, too – takes about 40 minutes and only costs 70,- euros.


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American coaches talk about the advantages of the seca mBCA 515.
The instrument, which I use, the mBCA 525, is the successor in a compact, handy shape with the same measuring technique. The advantage is, that I can carry out exact measurements even at your home or with OHM in your office.


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    • The medically exact evaluation of the fat mass is important for the exact monitoring of weight changes.
    • The course of development of the fat mass is a valuable indicator for weight management.
    • The initial state and intermediate check of the fat mass and the fat free mass are important, in order to prevent that the weight reduction, which is gained through the measures adopted, is not gained coincidently at the expense of the fat free mass.
    • The fat mass plays an important role for the evaluation of the conditional state of a human being.
    • important for the monitoring of the training and nutrition program


    • A quantitative determination of the muscle mass is very important for the monitoring of weight changes.
    • For the monitoring and management of targeted training programs, an exact determination of the muscle mass is essential.
    • Especially the exact separate determination of the existing muscle mass in arms, legs and torso is very valuable for the training program.
    • Enough muscle mass is very significant for the general state of health; the monitoring helps to improve the health.


    • visceral fat can be found in our abdomen – if there is too much of it, we have to do something about it
    • a measurement of this fat is important for the planning of the diet
    • also slim people can have quite a lot of visceral fat. It can be worth to measure, anyway.

    Body Composition Chart

    • Fat mass and fat free mass are collected and illustrated in this diagram – the Body Composition Chart. This way, the body composition of a person can be analysed at one glance.
    • The Body Composition Chart offers a measurement of the body composition throughout a long observation period and gives a detailed insight, which factors help to change the weight: fat mass or fat free mass.
    • Because of the significance of the Body Composition Charts, it is an essential instrument for evaluating the weight reduction and weight gain.
    • The training and the appropriate diet can be controlled and perfectly documented.
    • Furthermore, the conditional state of a person can be determined and controlled throughout the training and rehabilitation.


    • Liquid management is important during the training, in order to prevent dehydration and to achieve an optimum increase of your performance.
    • The precise definition of the body water contributes to a transparency of the weight reduction, because at the beginning of a diet, a large amount of water is excreted very often.


    • The Bioelectrical Impedance Vector Analysis (BIVA) gives us information about body water and phase angle at the same time (quality of metabolism).
    • The BIVA evaluates the state of hydration, which is important for the planning of the training and diet.
    • Additionally, the BIVA gives us information about the state of the diet and offers valuable knowledge for the weight management.


    • The phase angle correlates with the state of diet and metabolism of the individual person.
    • A good state of diet and a healthy metabolism can be seen in a high phase angle factor.
    • The phase angle is an important indicator during the training program, regarding the recording of a state of exhaustion.
    • A low phase angle often occurs in connection with a malnutrition (overweight people are often malnourished), this is why it is an important indicator for the planning of the diet.

    Personal Trainer: Mobil: 0172-3221813 * Phone: 0331-24364157 * Email: [email protected]